People Seeking Referrals Form

Questions for – fields to be completed by – those seeking referrals:

Please provide the following information, upon which we will make your inquiry available to the lawyers involved in our Bar which will allow one or more of them to contact you and offer to provide services. 

IMPORTANT TERMS OF SERVICE:  The United States Mexico Bar Association (the “USMBA”) is not referring anyone to you, and makes no representations of any kind whatsoever, about the nature, quality, or competence of any lawyer who may contact you based on the information you are providing.  By providing the information and allowing us to send your information to lawyers who may have an interest in offering to provide you with any legal services, you hereby agree that:  (1) the USMBA is not referring any lawyer to you, but will share this information with one or more of its members who may contact you, however, the USBMA has not screened any such lawyers for competence or any other purpose; (2) information you provide may be publicly available – you should not provide any confidential or proprietary information by any of your responses below (any information you provide may be available to, or findable by, your adversary); (3) any agreement you may enter into with any such lawyer is between you and such lawyer, and is at your own risk, the USMBA is not a party to any such agreement; (4) the USMBA has no role in your decision of whether to retain any lawyer, and the USMBA makes no representations of any kind concerning the competence of any such lawyer who may contact you; (5) you must conduct your own diligence of, and make your own determination about whether to retain any such lawyer and, if so, the terms for such representation; (6) the USBMA has no financial stake in whether or not you retain any such lawyer; (7) you shall never make any claim against the USBMA based upon its providing your providing your information to any such lawyer; (8) you waive any and all rights to any trial by jury that you may otherwise have; (9) the laws of the State of New York shall govern the interpretation and enforcement hereof; (10) under no circumstances shall you ever bring any lawsuit, action, or other proceeding, or assert any claim whatsoever, against the USBMA for any reason arising from or in any way related to your involvement with the USBMA by providing the information below; and (11) you shall be responsible for paying the USMBA’s reasonable attorneys’ fees in the event you breach any of the foregoing conditions.  DO NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION UNLESS YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY, AND ACCEPT, EACH OF THE FOREGOING TERMS OF SERVICE.

  under US$25,000
  between US$25,000 and US$100,000
  between US$100,000 and US$300,000
  between US$300,000 and US$500,000
  between US$500,000 and US$1 million
  between US$1 million and US$3 million
  more than US$3 million
  more than US$10 million