About Us: History/Purpose of the USMBA

U.S.-Mexico Bar Association
Barra De Abogados México-Estados Unidos


In February 1994, representatives of the legal profession from throughout the State of Texas and the Mexican States of Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Nuevo León and Coahuila, met in San Antonio and established the Texas-México Bar Association (to be known in México as the Barra de Abogados de México y Texas). Initially, membership was limited to attorneys and law students from the State of Texas and the four Mexican States that border Texas, but interest in the Association quickly spread beyond the Texas-México border area. Since 1996, membership in the Association has been open to attorneys and law students from throughout México and the United States. On 30 September 2005 the name of the association was changed to the U.S.-Mexico Bar Association (to be known in México as the Barra de Abogados México-Estados Unidos). The Association, which has its permanent office in Austin, Texas, is led by a bi-national board of directors, consisting of nine officers and directors from the U.S. and nine officers and directors from Mexico, including two Chairs from the U.S. and Mexico, two Vice-Chairs from the U.S. and Mexico, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.


The purpose of the Association is to develop and promote understanding of the legal systems and practices and cultural differences of the two nations; to exchange professional information among its members, concerning issues of law that affect common interest, such as commerce, investment, and immigration, among others, to enable lawyers in the two countries, those in private practice as well as those serving in the judicial system, to better serve their communities and clients; to promote development of infrastructure for the provision of legal services and the solution of controversies; to share experiences in dealing with matters of common interest, and avoid unnecessary conflicts, without adopting or favoring any particular political standing.

Membership Benefits

  • Unique networking opportunities with attorneys throughout Mexico and the United States
  • Searchable Online Membership Directory of all members of the USMBA, including contact information and practice areas.
  • Discounts to outstanding bilingual educational programs with attorneys from Mexico and the United States.
  • Opportunities to participate in bi-national committees in a number of substantive practice areas.
  • Access to the MEMBERS AREA of this website, which includes a searchable Membership Directory, Member Forums, extensive links to other web resources, and a library of published articles on a variety of cross-border legal topics.
  • An Electronic Newsletter delivered to your inbox monthly, including messages from the Chairs, information about USMBA activities and events, updates on current legal issues, and much more